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Julie Bishop’s Entire Foreign Policy Strategy Accidently Leaked

In an embarrassing blunder for the Government, a document containing an in-depth description of the nation’s foreign policy approach was leaked today when Foreign Minister Julie Bishop mistakenly texted it to a journalist, instead of the Prime Minister.

The complex, highly technical document, which features a smiling face holding an American flag, an emoticon in a niqab, and a boat, was apparently the result of months of work by a specialist team led by Ms Bishop.

Foreign experts said they will spend the coming weeks analysing the precise details of the strategy before responding.

Ms Bishop was today keeping a brave face, insisting the document was only part of the department’s strategy. “We’ve also been working on a separate strategy to solve the Israel-Palestine conflict once and for all. I think there will be a lot of smiling faces when we release it. Oh shit. I may have given too much away”.

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