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Fearless, Uncompromising Man On Righteous Mission From God A Bit Shy About Showing His Face On Camera

A British man who fears no-one and answers only to God, feels more comfortable fulfilling his divine mission in a balaclava, sources confirmed today.

Shouting loudly that he was carrying out God’s orders and God’s orders alone, the tough man said, “I answer to God! I have no concern for what earthly beings think! But I’d prefer it if you didn’t know it was me.

“My mission is God’s will! He alone will judge me! I’d just rather not have my face splashed about on the news.”

He said that with God on his side, he was fearless. “I am on a righteous mission. It is the virtuous pathway; the Only Pathway. But I’ve got to keep my options open if it doesn’t work out”.

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