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Children In Detention Spending Free Time Debating Whether Gillian Triggs Is Politically Biased Or Not

Locked behind bars, and locked in conversation, the 200 or so children being held in Australia’s off-shore detention centres have spent this week vigorously discussing the alleged bias of Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs.

“What’s most important is that we get to the bottom of whether this is a political stitch up or not. So we’ll just wait here until that’s sorted out once and for all,” said one child.

“I’d hate to discover this report was somehow politically motivated. What’s at stake here is the very future of this week’s media cycle. Let’s make sure we sort this out,” said another.

One child said she found the timing of the Commission’s report a bit suspect, although she later conceded she hadn’t read it yet. “I’m only four”.

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