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Sarah Ferguson Told To Say ‘Please’ Before Asking Politicians Why They Blatantly Lied To Nation

The ABC board has asked 7:30 presenter Sarah Ferguson to use her inside voice and remember her pleases and thank yous before quizzing MPs on their decision to systematically deceive the electorate.

“We’re just asking our journalists to remember their manners,” a spokesperson said today. “The question ‘Could you tell me why you unashamedly misled the nation about an entire set of policies and then cunningly refused to concede that you had made any promises about those policies in the first place?’ just sounds a little more refined with the word ‘please’ at the front, don’t you think?”

The decision came as part of a review undertaken by the ABC. The broadcaster has also asked Ms Ferguson to hand back Treasurer Joe Hockey’s dignity, which has been sitting on her mantelpiece since last May.

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