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Kanye West To Spend Valentines Day With The Love Of His Life. And Kim Kardashian

Rapper Kayne West says he is blessed to be able to spend the most romantic day of the year with the most important person in his life, and his wife.

“I am so lucky to be able to share an evening, on Valentine’s Day of all days, with the most beautiful, thoughtful, intelligent, gifted, generous, talented person I know. It’ll be nice to have Kim along too,” West said.

He said the candlelit dinner he has planned will be intimate and romantic. “We’ll have time to just reflect on how important this relationship is, how special it is. To say nice things; to remember why we fell in love. And if there’s time, I’ll talk to Kim as well,” he said.

The Rapper and producer said he was fortunate to have met his soulmate so early on. “I’ve known Kanye all my life, we were childhood sweethearts. But my love for him has only become stronger over the years.

He said the secret to a lasting relationship was to work on it constantly. “I tell him I love him every day. You can’t take that kinda thing for granted”.

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