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Samsung TVs Also Quietly Judging Your Taste In Entertainment, Company Confirms

Your Samsung TV winces every time you settle in for a session of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, the tech company has confirmed.

It comes after Samsung revealed their TVs listen in on your conversations.

“Our TVs analyse the shows you are watching, and share that data with other Samsung TVs. They then get together to laugh at how unworldly and crass you are,” a spokesperson for the company said.

“Your TV will form an opinion of you fairly quickly, they’re quite judgmental,” the spokesperson said.

“Let’s be clear. You might tell your friends you were ‘just flicking channels’. But your TV will know that you actually watched Farmer Wants A Wife from start to finish. It will judge you.

“That little noise you sometimes hear that sounds like a bit of static? That’s your TV coughing ‘loser’ as you eagerly tune into Deal Or No Deal”.

He warned that in some cases, after excessively bad TV, a grimace can form permanently on the TV’s screen.

“These TVs are highly sophisticated, unlike many of the people who watch them”.

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