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Bill Shorten Slams ‘Incompetent’ Government For Failing ‘Basic Task’ Of Unseating A Prime Minister

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has ridiculed the Coalition Government, saying its inability to carry out the simple job of unseating a current Prime Minister is further evidence of its ineptitude.

“When you can’t implement the basic steps required to undermine, weaken, and then knife a sitting PM, you start to wonder – is this Government the real deal?” Mr Shorten said.

He said there were now serious questions about the Coalition’s suitability for Government. “If they can’t run a first-term Prime Minister out of office, how can they be trusted to run the economy?”

“If they can’t destroy the reputation of someone they elected as their own leader, can they really destroy the threat of terrorism?”

“And if they can’t carefully gather support, strategise in secret, count the numbers, and then casually execute a sitting PM, we need to ask ‘can they execute their plan for Australia?’”

He said the Government was a ‘shambles’ and promised that leadership changes under Labor would ‘always be more successful’.

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