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Campbell Newman’s Defamation Lawsuit Accidentally Written On Acland Mine Letterhead

The 35-page defamation suit brought by Queensland Premier Campbell Newman against radio shock-jock Alan Jones was mistakenly printed on New Hope Coal’s Acland Mine stationery, a source has claimed.

“It’s an easy mistake to make – I’ve done it myself. But I keep telling the guys to only use it for internal stuff,” the source said. “It’s like when we have people in the office for meetings, we always try not to use the Acland Mine coffee mugs. Or wear the t-shirts”.

The embarrassing error was apparently compounded by the fact that there were scribbles in the margin which read, “thanks for your help on this one Cam” and “remember to use the right stationery for the final copy”.

The source’s claims are yet to be verified and may not be true.

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