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Victorians Dump Whatshisname, In Rousing Victory For That Other Guy

Victorians voters have sent an unequivocal message to the Liberal guy: ‘We want the other one’.

In a stirring victory, the new Premier fought off a last minute campaign blitz from the old Premier.

“Victorians want renewal, they want strong leadership, they want to put their faith in someone they can trust. And that person is … well, we all know who it is, don’t we,” a political analyst said of the victory today.

First time voter Josh Husch admitted he was swept up in the mood for change. “I just think Kevin Rudd is the right person to lead Victoria right now,” he said.

Ringwood resident Joan Yarren said it was an easy choice for her. “After years of inaction from the tall guy, I’m really excited that we’ll now have a chance to start afresh with that young chap at the helm”.

Millions of other Victorians also woke this morning to find they had a state government. “Well, this was a pleasant surprise,” one Bendigo resident said.

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