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Tony Abbott Calls For Mature Three Word Slogan Debate About GST

It is time to have a grown up, sensible conversation about a Big New Tax, the Prime Minister said today.

“Just as we did when we put forward a considered, level-headed case to Axe The Tax on carbon – which I might add was A Toxic Tax – it’s important to take the issue of tax reform seriously, ” Mr Abbott said.

“All we’re asking is for the Opposition, and in particular Electricity Bill Shorten, to grow up and engage with this complex issue with a little rigour”.

While he would not rule out any changes to the GST, Mr Abbott said it was incumbent on mature governments to consider all avenues to Repay The Deficit.

“This debt has been A Python Squeeze on our economy. With the Adults In Charge, we can finally look at ways to Stop The Waste, without the distraction of juvenile sloganeering,” he said.

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