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Corporal Punishment, 1950s To Be Reintroduced To School Curriculum

Students who misbehave in class will be hit with a strap and told to wait in the 1950s until they are ready to learn, under sweeping changes proposed by the head of the national curriculum review Kevin Donnelly.

Under the plan, a committee of political leaders and educators who are currently living in the 1950s will be rostered on to supervise disobedient students once they arrive.

Mr Donnelly, who grew up in the 1950s and still spends much of his time there, says the plan makes sense. “When I was teaching, I used to say to misbehaving students, ‘Either you can throw the first punch and we’ll see where that ends up, or you can spend the rest of the afternoon in another era with me’.  It was very effective”.

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