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Bob Carr Just Grateful To Have Been Able To Work With Bob Carr

In his diary-style book to be released later this month, former Foreign Minister Bob Carr says the opportunity to work with the likes of former Foreign Minister Bob Carr, made an otherwise unbearable job tolerable.

The diary sheds light on the mundane world of global relations with a day-by-day account of Mr Carr’s 18 months in the job. “Had meeting with Barack and Angela today. Should’ve brought crayons. Looking forward to having a drink with New South Wales’s longest serving Premier Bob Carr later tonight,” one entry states.

In another, Mr Carr explains how he gave Julia Gillard advice in her final days as Prime Minister. “I suggested she talk to former journalist and intellectual heavyweight Bob Carr. I believe she took that advice,” he writes.

‘Diary of a Foreign Minster’ will be available towards the end of April.

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