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Woman To Donate $50 Per Month To Support A Place She’ll Probably Never Visit

Jenny Angelo, and thousands of other Australians like her, has pledged to give $50 each month to help support essential services in a far away location she may never have the chance to visit.

The money will go to fund vital services like clean bottled water and freshly piped-in TV content.

The altruistic gesture is part of a growing trend amongst Australians, and is commonly pledged as part of a new year’s resolution. “With the cost of living on the rise, making ends meet is tough,” Ms Angelo said. “But it feels good to know that someone with less apathy than me will have access to the latest health and fitness technology”.

Although she is unlikely to see the benefits of her support up close, Ms Angelo will receive regular email updates featuring pictures of the vital new equipment her money has made possible.

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