REVEALED: Your Overseas Friends Actually Don’t Care What The Temperature Is Where You Are

weather humour

Your mates in London and New York couldn’t give two shits that it’s 39 degrees in Australia, it has emerged.

New research has revealed that smugly posting a screen shot about a weather event over which you have no control doesn’t make you a better person.

While your overseas friends may post encouraging comments like ‘SO Jealous!’ or ‘It’s so cold over here!!!’, experts say they are merely humouring you, as they would a small child.

David Thring from Balmain said he was surprised by the findings. “I honestly thought people were impressed by the fact that it’s summer where I live when it’s winter where they live”.

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1 Comment

  1. Squirrel

    January 15, 2014 at 9:38 am

    Thanks, psychlist. It is good to know that most of the people you know are happy with temperatures recorded in degrees Celsius. Unfortunately, many of my older friends and relatives in the UK still do not comprehend what a temperature is in degrees Celsius, so I have to convert the temperatures for them, whether that be in an email or over the phone. I was also amused to hear that in the last UK winter, my brother thought it was a hot day when it was a maximum of 18 degrees there. Yes, relating our temperatures to those in saunas would be pretty accurate. I’ll remember to use that comparison in future. Glad that you, too, find the screenshots of cyclones interesting. Hope the recent severe storms didn’t affect you.