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Now Australian Dressing Room Offended

The Australian cricket Dressing Room says it is offended by statements made by Ricky Ponting, in which the former captain said he was offended by Mark Taylor’s accusations that he didn’t respect the sanctity of the Dressing Room.

It’s the latest in a series of events in which Ricky Ponting wrote a book saying he was offended by Michael Clarke’s lack of team spirit, Clarke said he was offended by Ponting’s book, Mark Taylor said he was offended that Ponting’s book didn’t respect the sanctity of the Dressing Room and Ponting said he was offended at Taylor’s suggestion that he didn’t respect the sanctity of the Dressing Room.

“I’m offended,” the Dressing Room said in a statement this morning.”My sanctity has been disrespected”.

Ponting said he was a “little offended” by the Dressing Room’s comments, but was adamant there was no bad blood between the two. “I sent it a text yesterday, which I understand is the way you solve these types of issues. It needs to focus on the upcoming Ashes, I need to focus on selling my book, so hopefully we can put the whole issue to bed”.

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