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Obama Reaches Out To Angela Merkel: “I Know How You’re Feeling. No, Really.”

US President Barak Obama has reached out to Angela Merkel after it emerged US Government agencies may have been tapping the German Chancellor’s phone for more than ten years.

“I know how she’s feeling; I know what she’s going through,” Mr Obama said. “She’s stressed, she’s a little bit overworked. I get that.

“Just yesterday she was throwing around ideas for a short holiday. Maybe to the French coast. Maybe to Spain. She’s quite fond of tapas – especially those ones that come on tooth picks. At least that’s what she told one of her friends last week.

“She’s feels uncertain about what to watch, now that Breaking Bad is finished.

“She’s frustrated that her husband always uses the last of the milk without telling her. Although frustrated wasn’t the exact word she used this morning.

“And, like many of us, she’s really not sure what to make of Miley Cyrus”.

Mr Obama said he counted Ms Merkel as a close friend. “I could listen to her all day. And often, I do”.

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