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Study Tour Required To Confirm To What Extent Greek Islands Affected By GFC: Barnaby Joyce

Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce says he will undertake a long and careful analysis of the impact of the economic crisis on Greek’s islands and their resort infrastructure, as part of an extensive study tour planned for the next European summer.

Mr Joyce said the trip would provide important information for Australian businesses. “There’s this sense that you can get economic data from a website or by talking to an embassy employee,” he said this morning. “Fact is, until you’re there, mixing with the locals and sampling the local way of life, it’s all just guess work. Greece could be booming for all we know. I’ve taken it upon myself to make sure all Australians are informed on the true situation”.

Mr Joyce said it will be important to travel to a range of the country’s islands, to reflect on the different ways a recession can affect an economy. “How have resorts been affected? What about restaurants, night clubs? How have the small remote islands held up compared with the more bustling, party-driven islands? It will all be in my report at the end of the trip”.

The member for New England dismissed the notion that there were cheaper, more efficient ways of learning about the European nation. “This isn’t some kind of junket. I’ll be sailing from place to place on predominantly wind-powered vessels, not jetting about in first class,” he said.

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