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Sci-Fi Convention Brawl Broken Up By Man Asking For Advice On How To Increase The Performance Of His PC

A fight between two rival science fiction clubs in Norwich, UK, only came to an end when a bypasser wondered aloud how he might best boost the speed of his computer.

The two sides – one dressed as Star Wars characters, the other Dr Who – immediately stopped fighting in order to give the question proper consideration.

Patrick Cromby, fitted out in a Storm Trooper suit, said “Obviously every motherboard is different, so you’ll need to open up your machine to find the RAM slots – aka DIMMs. I’d suggest a DDN8 1600 or maybe a DDX19 1700. Depends what you want”.

John Baker (Clockwork Droid) disagreed. “That’s fine if all you want to do is hack your local council’s website or watch Star Trek re-runs, but if you want to run high-end games on, let’s say, a dual operating system set-up networked to your laptop, I’d suggest you modify it yourself with a HR9 1600 overlaid with a TN4-40”.

“Or a navicomp chip!” Stuart Cooper (Chewbacca) added. Everyone laughed.

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