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“I Was Bored” Simon Crean Explains Why He Called For Pointless Leadership Spill
(image from News Ltd)

ALP elder statesman Simon Crean says he was “just looking for something to do” this afternoon when he urged the Prime Minister to call a leadership spill.

“I’ve been in politics for what seems like a f*cking eternity now and it’s just mind-numbing. Same old rubbish every single day. So seeing everyone flap around like wankers for a few hours just brightens the place up a bit, you know?”

Mr Crean said it was all just a bit of harmless fun. “Some people tag bus shelters or light bush fires to get a rush. I destabilise governments. No big deal”.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard conceded there was a problem with disenfranchised, alienated politicians hanging around Parliament House and said she’d look into getting “some basketball courts or something like that”.

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