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Iran Releases Images Of New Stealth Fighter Helicopters

The Iranian Government has today released images of a new combat helicopter, which it says has the capacity to strike enemy targets at short notice.

The announcement – which has shocked the West – comes just days after Iran released terrifying images of its Qaher 313 Fighter Jet.

Dubbed the ‘Spidercopter’, the lethal chopper is said to be cheap to run and easy to maintain. It also plays music. A Government representative said “The idea of the Spidercopter is proving to be very popular in Iran, amongst both adults and younger people. Especially younger people. My own son said he really really really wants to have a go in the Spidercopter”.

But some Western experts are dubious about the authenticity of the new combat machinery, pointing to subtle but important deficiencies in wiring as well as safety equipment. An Israeli spokesman said that, while the prototype images were convincing, he didn’t think the Spidecopter would take off.

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