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Old Friends To Spend “Most Of Saturday” Discussing Which Route They Took To Get To Beach House

Ron and Liz Schaefer have been spending the Australia Day long weekend down the coast with The Bradleys for almost 20 years. This year is no different.

While there will be a lot to catch up on when they arrive on Saturday morning, their first priority will be to go through, in some detail, how they got there.

Ron said he’s looking forward to spending time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. “It’s a lovely spot. Only a two and a half hour drive away. Closer to two if you take the toll road. Although if you leave it too late, that can get clogged up, so it’s often better just to avoid it and go straight down Springton Road”.

Rob Bradley, who expects to arrive at the beach house around eleven (perhaps closer to twelve if there’s traffic) says it’s the fresh beach air and the opportunity to catch up with old friends that keeps he and his wife Jenny coming back each year.

“I just love the place,” Rob said. “We’ve got an uninterrupted view of the ocean. And since they’ve put in that new overpass near Georgetown it’s a breeze to get down there. Unless you get caught behind people trying to turn off to Lockswood, then you can get stuck for ages. You’re better off just ducking down Johnston Road and then turning back into the freeway from Hamilton. It’s a bit of a rigmarole, but you can save yourself five minutes. Maybe ten”.

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