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Inauguration Crowd Patiently Waits While Obama Lists America’s ‘Limitless Possibilities’

It was supposed to be a rhetorical device. President Obama’s speechwriters inserted the phrase “America’s possibilities are limitless” into the inauguration address, knowing it would be picked by mainstream media as an inspiring headline. What they didn’t expect was for The President to actually run through the list in its entirety.

When we last checked in, Obama – known for his love of a good, long speech – was saying:

“We could choose to increase taxes; we could choose to lower them. We could tighten gun controls; we could loosen them. We could change our national anthem to Born in the USA, if we so choose, that’s the freedom we have. Or to Gangnam Style. Or to Thrift Shop“. 

We could strive for a day when every man, woman and child, whether black or white, Muslim or Christian, gay or straight is treated as equal,” he said to a rousing reception, before adding “Or we could bring back segregation. If we wanted to. Not saying we should. Just running through the options”.

“We could sell Alaska back to the Russians, we could we could make it illegal to eat corn on Tuesdays, we could combine the best bits of football and baseball to create a new sport – FootBase. They’re all possibilities”.

Holly Greenberg, who braved near-freezing temperatures to see the President speak said, “It was amazing. For the first few hours. Once he started going through alternate names for each of the states and their capitals though I lost a bit of interest. But overall it’s been worth it. He’s so inspirational”.

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