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Queen Makes Hoax Phone Call To Australian Radio Station, Posing As A Bogan

Queen Elizabeth II has thwarted the usually tight screening procedures of Australian radio station 2Day FM, managing to take part in – and win – their ‘$10,000 Name That Sound’ promotion.

Posing as ‘Sharon from Macquarie Fields’ and sporting a broad, grating Australian accent, Her Royal Highness said she was “Massively excited to be on air”.

The Queen correctly guessed the secret sound – a 1979 Ford Cortina changing from third to fourth gear – and took home the $10,000 cash prize. “Orr my gord! Orr my gord! I love yous guys sooo much!” she screamed, adding “I always have my radio locked to 2Day FM. This is the best day EVA!”.

Her Majesty said she would spend the money on “All sorts of cool sh*t. DFO won’t know what’s hit it!”.

2Day FM, which has a strict policy of only allowing genuine bogans to enter on-air competitions, was left red faced, saying it would review its procedures.

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