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Queen’s Christmas Message Not Part Of Nativity Either, Pope Claims

Pope Benedict XVI has caused further controversy by claiming that the Queen’s Christmas message is a relatively recent tradition and was not part of the activities that took place on the day of Christ’s birth. The revelation comes a day after the Pope revealed there were no donkeys present at the birth of Christ.

“There’s no mention of the Queen’s Christmas speech anywhere in the gospels,” the Pope said, adding that “the tradition was probably inserted at a later date, after the foundation of the BBC in the second or third century AD”.

People from the UK and around the world are struggling to come to terms with the news. “My family’s been watching the Queen’s Christmas message on Christmas day since Jesus was a boy. Well, you know what I mean”, said one London man.

Australia’s most senior Catholic, Archbishop George Pell – who is weathering the fallout of sexual abuse allegations in the Church – has welcomed the news. “It’s good that we can go back to focusing on the important issues within the Church”, he said.

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