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Cruel Twist: Marijuana Legalised, But Cheerios Banned In Colorado, Washington

Just as pot smokers in Colorado and Washington were dusting off their bongs to celebrate their states’ recent legalisation of recreational marijuana use, it appears there is a catch. And a big one.

Fine print on Tuesday’s ballot papers specified that Cheerios – for years the munchie food of choice for stoners – will be banned, leaving thousands of pot users with a stark choice: quit smoking or go hungry.

Dan Furnando from Seattle said he typically went through ten or eleven boxes of the sugary breakfast cereal a week. He doesn’t think Coco Pops will fill the void. “This is so f*cked up man,” he said.

Sneaky Republicans are being blamed for the manoeuvre, apparently inserting the fine print on the ballots while everyone else was sitting in a corner staring at the grooves in a potato chip.

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