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‘Faking it’: Target’s customer service may also be fake, sources claim

Just days after discount department chain Target was accused of selling fake M.A.C cosmetics, it has be claimed that much of the retailer’s customer service may be fake as well.

A check-out employee, who did not wished to be named, said most of the smiles that her colleagues use when greeting customers are fake. She even admitted: “When I say ‘have a nice day’ to a mother with a screaming toddler, I don’t really mean it. I couldn’t give a shit what their day is like”.

However a store manager, who also wished to remain nameless, said his employees were totally genuine in the way they interacted with customers. “When they look bored and disinterested, that’s because they genuinely are bored and disinterested. You can’t fake that”.

Target was unavailable for comment.

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