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Seal opens up about his addiction to novelty nail polish

Seal, the British singer and judge from hit TV show The Voice, has revealed his obsession with wearing ridiculous nail polish led to the break down of his marriage with supermodel Heidi Klum.

In a tell-all interview, the “Kiss from a Rose” singer said he had battled with an addiction to nail polish since his late teens. “It started out innocently enough, experimenting with my Mum’s red nail polish between classes at school, but it quickly moved to browns and pinks and before long I was right into the novelty stuff: yellows, blues, oranges, you name it.”

Seal said Klum was supportive at first and even helped him seek counselling to help him stop the habit. But after almost two years with clean finger nails, the singer relapsed in November last year and was seen at a night club flaunting multi-coloured nails. It was the final straw for Klum, who left Seal in January.


Another seal yesterday

Seal says the two remain friends and hopes they will get back together one day, but concedes he has to overcome his inner demons and get his life back on track first. He took the first tentative steps on Monday’s edition of The Voice when he wore a ‘shove’ – a specially designed shirt that doubles as a pair of gloves. “If it stops me from putting on nail polish then I’ll continue to wear the shove. I don’t care that it makes me look like a twat”.

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