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Rebekah Brooks says she ‘can’t recall’ whether she left the iron on

Several key questions remained unanswered this morning after an eventful day at the Brooks’ Chipping Norton residence during which an iron was left on while nobody was at home.

Rebekah Brooks, former News International Chief and one half of the Brooks household, said she ‘could not recall’ leaving the iron on, but was aware that ironing had from time to time taken place at the property.

The claim comes just weeks after Ms Brooks failed to remember anything that has taken place in her life over the past twenty years.

In further developments yesterday afternoon, Brooks’ husband Charlie said he had no specific knowledge of ironing and implied he didn’t even know what an iron was, leaving cleaning lady Martha as a key suspect in the matter. But Martha herself claimed she was at the shops all day and therefore couldn’t have turned the iron on in the first place.

Rupert Murdoch, who was in New York at the time, said “I ironed a shirt once. It was the humblest day of my life”.

A theory was developing last night that the iron had turned itself on and placed itself on the ironing board. Ms Brooks said this now seemed the most likely scenario.

In a statement released late last night, Ms Brooks stopped short of apologising to those affected by the iron being left on, but said the incident was ‘regrettable’.  She added that structures have been put into place to ensure a similar event doesn’t occur again.

This morning Ms Brooks said she could not recall releasing the statement.

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