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IKEA Renames Dining Table To Commemorate Queensland ALP Election Result

Swedish furniture retailer IKEA has renamed its 6-seater dining table the “Queensland Labor Party” in recognition of the state’s historic election result. Breaking from the tradition of using obscure Nordic names for their products, the furniture giant says it wanted to commemorate the ALP’s landmark achievement in a relevant way.

“At IKEA we’ve always been known for our innovative products and our constant pursuit of the unique and the novel. Winning just six seats in a state election is certainly novel” an IKEA spokeswoman said.

IKEA has sent one of the tables to Queensland Labor headquarters and hopes it will be used for future full-party meetings (an armchair was sent for shadow cabinet meetings).

A Labor Party spokesman, who didn’t want to be named, said while he appreciated the gesture, he worried that assembling the table, virtually from scratch, would be a tough ask. “All we’ve been sent is a couple of pieces of wood, some screws and an Allen key. The rebuilding task is going to be mammoth” he said.

The table is available at all Australian IKEA stores.

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