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wills and kate told age of entitlement is over
Wills & Kate Surprised To Learn Age Of Entitlement Over In Australia
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Australia today, only to be handed a pair of gloves, a scrubbing
Every Child In Classroom Is Most Talented, Teacher Discovers
All grade five students at a local Adelaide primary school are the best in their class, it was revealed today
Homeopathy to replace medicare
Medicare To Be Replaced By Homeopathy
Health Minister Peter Dutton today announced plans to replace the nation’s health system with a homeopathy subscription service, following research
Google+ Still Going, Researchers Claim
A small community of Google+ users has been discovered in northern California, years after they were assumed to have died
Arthur Sinodinos can't recall whether he left stove on
Arthur Sinodinos Can’t Recall Whether He Left Stove On
Former Assistant Treasurer Arthur Sinodinos can’t for the life of him remember if he switched off the stove before leaving
Home Ownership Dream Now To Include Awkward Bit Where You’re Not Wearing Pants
The popular dream of owning your own property will now culminate with the embarrassing realisation that you’re wearing nothing but
Aspiring Novelist Putting Finishing Touches To Latest Email Signature
Up-and-coming novelist Patrick Coomb today announced that work is well underway on an entirely new email signature
Pope Francis Just Glad It’s Almost The F*%king Weekend
Pope Francis says he’s looking forward to throwing back a few beers in front of the football on Friday night,
office satire
‘Strategic’ And ‘Innovative’ To Be Part Of All Mission Statements By 2020
A leading marketing body has called for all company mission statements to include the words ‘strategic’, ‘innovative’ and ‘solutions’ within
obama drone satire
Obama Takes Time Out From Flying Drones To Tell Putin Not To Invade Ukraine
Asking a colleague to cover his shift, US President Barack Obama briefly took a break from flying unmanned drones in
north korea satire
Kim Jong-un Considers Extending North Korea’s Bedtime Until 8:30pm
North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un says he’ll have a think about changing the nation’s lights out time, after it
billy ray cyrus jokes
Billy Ray Cyrus To Re-Release Fully Clothed Version Of His Daughter
US Country singer Billy-Ray Cyrus today announced plans to release an updated version of the smash hit he made in
breaking bad satire
Breaking Bad Popularity Leads To Surge In Backyard Chemistry Teaching
Authorities in New Mexico say they are worried about a sharp rise in amateur chemistry teaching, following the success of
flappy bird satire
Finally, Point Of Flappy Bird Revealed
Players who successfully complete Flappy Bird will solve the decades long dispute between Israel and Palestine, it has emerged. Flappy
queen elizabeth satire
Queening To Be Outsourced To India
All functions of the British Monarchy will be run from a small factory in Mumbai, after local efforts failed to