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rupert murdoch satire
Rupert Murdoch Begins Handover Of 21st Century Fox, To Focus On Day to Day Running Of Australian Government
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has announced plans to step down as Chairman of entertainment giant 21st Century Fox, allowing him
bill shorten bribes
Labor Announces Point Of Difference With Fairer Bribing System Aimed At Low-Income Criminals
In a policy announcement designed to provide voters with a distinct choice at the next election, The Labor Party today
Sepp Blatter Willing To Speak About Corruption At FIFA, For A Fair Price
The President of world soccer’s governing body FIFA has vigorously denied there has been any corruption at his organisation, but
God Forgets To Send Plague To Destroy Ireland
The Almighty Father slept in this morning, missing the opportunity to punish Ireland for allowing two people of the same
More Australians Now Browsing Netflix Catalogue Before Illegally Torrenting TV Shows
The arrival of streaming services like Netflix and Presto has already begun to alter the habits of Australian viewers, with
Kevin Pieterson
Kevin Pieterson Could Disrupt Our Unique Losing Culture, Says England
Picking one of the world’s best batsmen could disturb the special losing feeling that the team has been cultivating over
maurice newman
Maurice Newman Is A Hoax, Sources Confirm
Tony Abbott’s chief business advisor Maurice Newman is an elaborate prank, it has been revealed
apple watch tattoo
Apple Watch Only Works If You Have ‘Consumer Slave’ Tattooed On Your Forehead
Early adopters of Apple’s new watch have found that the device only works for those who have a tattoo on
Kevin Rudd UN
“I’m Not Running For UN Secretary General” Says Man Who Is Definitely Running For UN Secretary General
“There are no circumstances under which I will be Secretary General of the United Nations,” former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd
Woolworths War
Woolworths Becomes Official Sponsor Of Iraq War
Supermarket giant Woolworths has announced a five-year sponsorship deal that will see its brand linked with Australia’s ongoing war efforts
tony abbott
Abbott Vows To Stop The Human Rights Smugglers
The Coalition is the only party with a workable plan to stop the influx of human rights onto Australian shores,
ghosts of girlfriends past
People Who Illegally Downloaded ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Forced To Watch Matthew McConaughey Rom-Coms On Continuous Loop
Australian internet users who illegally downloaded Oscar winning movie Dallas Buyers Club will be forced to watch How To Lose
Anniversary Of Jesus’ Death Once Again Coincides With Annual Chocolate Festival
In an uncanny scheduling coincidence, the world’s largest Chocolate Festival will again fall on the same weekend as the Christian
george brandis metadata
George Brandis Quietly Shitting Himself After Passing Metadata Legislation He Doesn’t Remotely Understand
Wearing a nervous smile and trying to conceal the sweat building under his glasses, Attorney General George Brandis was today
Christopher Pyne
At 9am This Morning Christopher Pyne Started Singing ‘I Know A Song That Will Get On Your Nerves’. He Won’t Stop Until His Education Reforms Are Passed
In what may well be his most sophisticated negotiation tactic yet, Education Minister Christopher Pyne this morning staged a lock-in