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Joe Hockey access
Exclusive Access To Treasurer Joe Hockey Discounted To Just $9.95
Business leaders can now gain private access to Joe Hockey for less than a tenner
border force
Melbourne Ticket Inspectors To Spend Week Patrolling High Seas In Job Swap With Border Force
Melbourne’s train and tram inspectors will be checking to make sure those trying to enter the country have a valid
rebekah brooks
Woman With No Recollection Of Last 10 Years Asked To Run Major Media Company
A British woman who can’t recall any of the conversations she has had over the past decade will head up
google tax logo
Google Changes Name To ‘Not A Resident For Taxation Purposes’
Search giant Google has announced a new company structure and a new name that will cut in half the time
donald trump
Donald Trump Vows To Abolish Periods If Elected President
Menstruation will be scrapped under a Trump administration
Catastrophic Spelling Error Sees Australian Croquet Team Take To Field In 4th Test
A terrible mix up has meant Australia’s national croquet team were forced to face up against England in Nottingham last
bronwyn bishop helicopter
Charter Helicopter Industry Facing Collapse
A number of Australia’s private helicopter charters have been placed in voluntary administration, following Speaker Bronwyn Bishop’s resignation yesterday
labor conference
Labor Meet To Discuss New Ways To Remain Irrelevant
Labor delegates will meet in Melbourne this weekend, with the party divided on the best ways to alienate their supporter
bronwyn bishop diaries
Choppers & Champagne: The Bronwyn Bishop Diaries
Wednesday 15th July 1:00pm Floyd, one of my personal assistants, comes running into my chambers rather frantically, and asks me
bronwyn bishop taxpayer money
Bronwyn Bishop Starts Day By Smoking Huge Joint Made From Ground-Up Taxpayer Money
Arriving early at Parliament House this morning, Speaker Bronwyn Bishop spent the best part of an hour meticulously rolling and
solar power
Abbott’s Solar Compromise: “We’ll Support Using The Sun’s Energy, As Long As It Involves Mining It”
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has made a partial back down from yesterday’s solar investment announcement, saying today that he
Donald Trump Believes In Sanctity Of Being Married Three Times
Billionaire and US Presidential candidate Donald Trump says marriage should be between a man and a woman, and then another
check phone
Australians To Use Today’s Leap Second As Valuable Opportunity To Check Phone Again
Australians are reminded to wind their clocks back by one second tonight, when a leap second is added to the
same sex marriage
Australia Not Ready To Join 21st Century Just Yet, Abbott Says
Prime Minister Tony Abbott says his views on joining the 21st Century haven’t changed
bill shorten knife
Bill Shorten Keeping Close Eye On Bill Shorten As Knifing Speculation Mounts
Labor leader Bill Shorten is taking no chances with his leadership, today confronting party power broker Bill Shorten about rumours