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Alan Jones Stolen Generation
2GB Listeners To Be Forcibly Removed From Alan Jones
Thousands of at-risk 2GB listeners will be placed in care to protect them from their out-of-control father figure Alan Jones
Compromise Solution Reached: George Pell To Travel To Australia Without Heart
After several days of negotiation, Cardinal George Pell has agreed to travel to Australia for the sexual abuse Royal Commission,
bronwyn bishop austerity
Bronwyn Bishop Named Australia’s Special Envoy For Austerity
A day after Philip Ruddock was announced as Australia’s Special Envoy for Human Rights, former Speaker Bronwyn Bishop has been
tony abbott obama
Abbott Meets With Obama To Ensure Warringah Electorate Gets Better Transport Links
Tony Abbott has shown he is serious about continuing to serve his local electorate, travelling to the US to discuss potential
australian dollar self worth
Australia’s Self Worth Dips Below 70 US Cents
The nation’s self esteem is trading below 70 US cents for the first time since
Netflix To Stop Your Annoying Nerd Friend From Explaining His VPN Setup
US streaming giant Netflix is set to crack down on people who insist on banging on about DNS-based workarounds and
sean penn and bill shorten
Renewed Hopes Of Finding Bill Shorten After Sean Penn Interview
The Australian electorate’s search for Opposition Leader Bill Shorten continued today, with hopes a recent interview with actor Sean Penn
North Korea sling shot
North Korea Now Developing Giant Slingshot To Launch Nuclear Bomb
Just hours after successfully testing a hydrogen bomb, rogue state North Korea today announced plans to develop a device to launch it
tax avoidance australia
Fears Big Business May Pack Up And Pay No Tax Elsewhere If Laws Change
Tougher company tax laws would simply encourage multi-nationals offshore, meaning Australia would miss out on tens – even hundreds –
bill shorten gst
Labor Rules Out Bringing GST In Line With Bill Shorten’s 15% Approval Rating
The Labor Party will not raise the GST to 15% if elected
australian tax gst
Increase In GST To Create Fairer, Broader System Where Apple Still Pays No Tax
A modern Australia requires a broader-based taxation system where multinationals like Apple, Ikea, and Chevron pay their fair share of
malcolm turnbull metric
Turnbull To Reintroduce Metric System Next Week
Further modernisation is on the way for Australia, with the re-introduction of the metric system expected as early as next
tony abbott europe
Europe Deeply Regrets Not Closing Border Before Abbott Arrived
Europe admits keeping its border open this week has been a ‘catastrophic error’
science reintroduced
Fears Of Contamination As Science Reintroduced To Australia
The extensive work undertaken by the previous leadership to stamp out science in Australia may have come undone, with reports
sausage cancer
Vaping Sausages May Be Safer, Word Health Organisation Says
Electronic sausages and bacon may assist in the process of quitting, the World Health Organisation said today.