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Camp Gallipoli
Camp Gallipoli™ v The Original Gallipoli: Can You Spot The 9 Differences?
This year’s Camp Gallipoli does a pretty good job of replicating the original Gallipoli event of 1915. But take a
Woolworths War
Woolworths Becomes Official Sponsor Of Iraq War
Supermarket giant Woolworths has announced a five-year sponsorship deal that will see its brand linked with Australia’s ongoing war efforts
stop the boats movie
Travelling To Australia Is A Bit Treacherous, Says Movie Targeted At People Living In War Zones
A multi-million dollar movie funded by the Australian Government will point out to people facing imminent attack from the Taliban and
joe hockey age of entitlement
“The Age Of Entitlement Is Actually 49”, Hockey Admits
Treasurer Joe Hockey has corrected an earlier statement, conceding that The Age of Entitlement is in fact 49, not ‘over’
Julie Bishop working with children
Julie Bishop Uses Lull In Question Time To Fill Out Working With Children Application
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was spotted busily filling out her ‘Working With Children Check’ application form today, during a lull
Hillary Clinton Reluctantly Admits She Is ‘His Excellency Lloyd Williamsburg Esq’, Your Long Lost Relative From Nigeria
Hillary Clinton has been using her personal email account to send spam
chris bowen
Chris Bowen Randomly Dropping Taxation Rates Into Conversations, Friends Say
Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen has been shoehorning figures from the Australian Taxation tables into every social interaction possible, his friends
sarah ferguson joe hockey
Sarah Ferguson Told To Say ‘Please’ Before Asking Politicians Why They Blatantly Lied To Nation
The ABC board has asked 7:30 presenter Sarah Ferguson to use her inside voice and remember her pleases and thank
bill shorten
Bill Shorten Slams ‘Incompetent’ Government For Failing ‘Basic Task’ Of Unseating A Prime Minister
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has ridiculed the Coalition Government, saying its inability to carry out the simple job of unseating
tony abbott
Tony Abbott Promises A More Inclusive Approach And 61 New Knighthoods
After surviving the biggest challenge to his leadership yet, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has vowed to make a fresh start,
malcolm turnbull
Tony Abbott Has ‘Complete Support’ Of Malcolm Turnbull’s Leadership Ambitions
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he stands ‘right behind’ the Prime Minister’s strategy to make a total tit of himself
tony abbott
Tony Abbott Wakes With Nagging Feeling He Gave A British Monarch A Knighthood Yesterday
Prime Minister Tony Abbott woke up this morning with a thumping headache and a vague recollection of awarding a racist
knighthood tony abbott
Knighthoods Actually A Real Policy
Prime Minister Tony Abbott wasn’t joking when he announced plans to reintroduce Knights and Dames last year, it has emerged
campbell newman
Campbell Newman’s Defamation Lawsuit Accidentally Written On Acland Mine Letterhead

The 35-page defamation suit brought by Queensland Premier Campbell Newman against radio shock-jock Alan Jones was mistakenly printed on New
Government To Legislate Against Further Temperature Rises After Record Hot Year
With 2014 confirmed as the hottest year globally, and the third hottest in Australia, the Government has taken a decisive