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bronwyn bishop diaries
Choppers & Champagne: The Bronwyn Bishop Diaries
Wednesday 15th July 1:00pm Floyd, one of my personal assistants, comes running into my chambers rather frantically, and asks me
bronwyn bishop taxpayer money
Bronwyn Bishop Starts Day By Smoking Huge Joint Made From Ground-Up Taxpayer Money
Arriving early at Parliament House this morning, Speaker Bronwyn Bishop spent the best part of an hour meticulously rolling and
border force
Public Forced To Imagine Atrocities Government Committing On Manus Island
The Government is allowing rape, torture, assault, and in some cases murder in immigration detention centres, the public presumed today
same sex marriage
Australia Not Ready To Join 21st Century Just Yet, Abbott Says
Prime Minister Tony Abbott says his views on joining the 21st Century haven’t changed
Australia Will Run Out Of Flags By 2020 At Current Consumption Rates, Modelling Shows
The Federal Government today announced a $2.2 billion boost in funding for the flag industry, after analysis revealed Australia could
peter dutton people smuggler
We’ll Do ‘Whatever It Takes’ To Smash Existing People Smuggling Syndicate, Says New People Smuggling Syndicate
Evidence is emerging that a powerful new people smuggling syndicate, possibly based in Canberra, is gaining influence in the hotly-contested
joe hockey
Hockey Surprised To Learn Poor People Use Houses
Treasurer Joe Hockey has apologised for statements he made yesterday about buying a first home, saying he didn’t realise low-income
joe hockey age of entitlement
Joe Hockey’s 6 Tips For First Home Buyers
With house prices at an all time high, getting a foothold in the property market can sometimes seem like an
Gillian Triggs human rights
Gillian Triggs Accused Of Human Rights
Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs has been looking out for the welfare of others, it has been alleged
peta credlin
Peta Credlin Has Attended Every Question Time Since February. You Won’t Believe Where She’s Been Hiding.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been carrying his Chief Of Staff around in a box, it has been revealed
bill shorten conscience
Nation Braces Itself As Politicians Announce Plan To Use Their Conscience
Labor politicians will use their conscience as early as next week, it has been revealed
boston bomber
Boston Bomber Sentenced To Martyrdom
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been sentenced to 100 years of adoration from extremists for the role he played in the 2013
hockey morrison budget
Scott Morrison To Dictate Budget Speech To Joe Hockey Via Small In-Ear Device
In his first budget speech last year Treasurer Joe Hockey read from typed notes. Tomorrow he will be carefully listening
bill and tanya
Labor Narrowly Avoids Developing Policy
The Opposition last week came within a whisker of developing a plan for the future, it has been revealed
abbott 1950s
New Microsoft App Correctly Guesses What Year You Think It Is
A new website released today by tech giant Microsoft can predict what year you think it is, just by analysing