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Palin Brings Much-Needed Intellectual Rigour To Trump Campaign
Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin came out in support of Donald Trump today, a move which some experts say is
bill shorten checkout
Lonely Bill Shorten Spends Final Hour Of Supermarket Tour Just Chatting To Self-Checkout Machine
After running out of conversation with humans, Bill Shorten finished up the second day of his three-week tour of supermarkets
BREAKING: Oregon Militia Shot Dead After White Face Paint Fades
  The gang of black and Middle-Eastern terrorists who stormed and seized a wildlife refuge in the US have been
peter dutton
Peter Dutton Accidentally Texts His IQ To Journalist
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has accidentally sent the number 25 to a journalist. He had intended to send it to
tax avoidance australia
Fears Big Business May Pack Up And Pay No Tax Elsewhere If Laws Change
Tougher company tax laws would simply encourage multi-nationals offshore, meaning Australia would miss out on tens – even hundreds –
ISIS Scales Back Operations After Bronwyn Bishop Confirms She’ll Run Again
The effect was almost immediate. On Wednesday afternoon former Speaker Bronwyn Bishop announced she would contest her seat again in
Fears U.S. May Run Out Of Scapegoats If Trump’s Muslim Ban Enacted
Moderate Republicans have recoiled at frontrunner Donald Trump’s plan to ban all Muslims from entering America, saying it could cripple
Obama Infuriates Putin By Pardoning Turkey For Thanksgiving
US-Russia tensions are high after President Obama used the traditional Thanksgiving turkey pardoning ceremony to let Turkey off the hook
Terrorists Outraged To Find Afterlife Teeming With Democracy & Free Speech
A terrorist who blew himself up in the name of a medieval, despotic caliphate arrived in the afterlife last night to find
australian tax gst
Increase In GST To Create Fairer, Broader System Where Apple Still Pays No Tax
A modern Australia requires a broader-based taxation system where multinationals like Apple, Ikea, and Chevron pay their fair share of
medicare americanisation
Plan To Americanise Medicare Falls Over, Rushed To Canada For Treatment
A plan to introduce US-style billing components to Medicare has collapsed, before being rushed across the border to Canada to seek
tony abbott europe
Europe Deeply Regrets Not Closing Border Before Abbott Arrived
Europe admits keeping its border open this week has been a ‘catastrophic error’
Joe Hockey access
Exclusive Access To Treasurer Joe Hockey Discounted To Just $9.95
Business leaders can now gain private access to Joe Hockey for less than a tenner
dyson heydon
Plebiscite To Be Held To Determine Whether Dyson Heydon Is Biased Or Not
Australians will be asked to go to the polls to determine whether Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon is biased or not,
bronwyn bishop helicopter
Charter Helicopter Industry Facing Collapse
A number of Australia’s private helicopter charters have been placed in voluntary administration, following Speaker Bronwyn Bishop’s resignation yesterday