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“At Last, We Got Rid Of That Feral Senate”: Turnbull
Malcolm Turnbull has comforted colleagues reeling from a closer-than-expected election, saying that at least the problem of the unworkable, obstructionist
Trump Rally
Trump Calls For US To Exit EU
Saying it was time to ‘make America Great again’, Donald Trump has begun a bid for his country to leave
Malcolm Turnbull stable government
Turnbull Campaigns On Stability “We Haven’t Knifed A Leader For 9 Months”
Responding to the recent turmoil in Europe, Malcolm Turnbull has added ‘stability’ to his party’s core message of ‘jobs and
scott morrison white straight man
“It’s Time Straight White Men In This Country Were Heard”: Scott Morrison
From guest columnist Scott Morrison Enough is enough. For too long, middle aged, straight white men like me have not
To Australia’s shame, the NBN lags behind the rest of the world
The speed it takes the average Australian to stream scat films has made us the laughing stock of the developed world, writes Michelle Grattan
turnbull & shorten
At Last, An Election About Boats
Australia will finally have an election campaign that deals with the possibility of asylum seekers arriving by boat, after almost
turnbull and morrison jobs
10,000 New Job Slogans Created Last Month
New figures show the Turnbull Government is delivering on its promise of getting more jobs into soundbites, with over three hundred job slogans
turnbull tax policy
Turnbull Already Looking Ahead To Next Week’s Tax Policy
Cabinet will meet tomorrow morning to start formulating ideas for the coming week’s taxation policy – a full three days
tim wilson
We Rely Too Much On Government, Says Man Reliant On Government
A man who says government should be drastically cut back and its institutions sold off, has agreed to be paid
Trump rally
Trump Supporters Threaten To Crash Bernie Sanders Rally. Sanders Responds By Setting Up IQ Test At Entrance
Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has responded to a threat from Donald Trump supporters to disrupt his future rallies, setting up a
The Shove's week in 60 seconds
The Week in 60 Seconds
Here’s what happened this week
This Is Not A Fucking Game Show, Rest Of World Reminds America
Choosing a Presidential candidate is not the same as choosing which contestant will go through to the next round of
Iraq map Bush family
Heartbreaking: Jeb Bush May Never Get To Play With The Little Piece Of Iraq His Father & Brother Left For Him
When Jeb Bush – brother of George W, son of George Snr – pulled out of the race for President
clive palmer queensland nickel
Sacked Queensland Nickel Workers Offered Complimentary PUP Memberships
TOWNSVILLE: All is not lost for the former employees of Clive Palmer’s Queensland Nickel, with the announcement today that each
tea party opinions
Tea Party Opinions To Be Fast-Tracked Direct From US
Australians will no longer need to wait up to two years for bat-shit crazy ideas to hit our shores, with