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postal vote
Postal Plebiscite: “What’s ‘The Post’?” Young People Ask
The Federal Government has announced plans to spend $122 million on a same-sex marriage postal plebiscite, with at least $115
malcolm turnbull marriage equality
Government Calls Emergency Meeting To Resolve Best Way Of Doing Nothing
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called together his party for crisis talks this evening, to consider the different options available for
Same sex marriage
5 Tips For People Worried About Same-Sex Marriage
One of the most hotly contested ideas of the last few years is being debated again. Should we allow two
Trump Promises ‘Jobs For All Americans’ (One At A Time As Communications Director)
President Donald Trump has made good on his promise to put all Americans in work, with each of the 250
matt canavan
Oh Dear! Matt Canavan’s Mum Also Signed Him Up To The Greens Without Telling Him
Mining and Resources Minister Matt Canavan is a paid up member of The Greens, it has been revealed
dutton and turnbull
Dutton Disappointed To Learn ‘Home Affairs’ Actually Ironing, Shopping And Putting Bins Out
Peter Dutton has been given responsibility for doing the washing up
peter dutton halloween
Brutal New Game Of Thrones Episode Sees Peter Dutton Given Extended Powers
The much-anticipated opener of the latest Game of Thrones season lived up to the show’s gory reputation, with Lord Peter
Malcolm Turnbull power
Turnbull’s Self Approval Rating Steady At 100%
Polling released today shows that the Prime Minister’s opinion of himself hasn’t changed over the past month
scott morrison drugs
Scott Morrison Says He Will Start Searching Sewage For Drugs, In Worrying Sign His Addiction Is Spiralling Out Of Control
Members on both signs of Parliament have expressed deep concern for just how bad Scott Morrison’s drug addiction problem has
Budget Crisis: Morrison’s Free 30 Day Trial Of MYOB Expires
The details of the 2017 budget may have been lost forever after it emerged Treasurer Scott Morrison had forgotten to
Hollywood Stars Bravely Emerge From Gated Mansions To Speak Out Against Trump’s Wall
Saying the US President should build peace not walls, a swathe of celebrities made the brave move to step beyond
cory bernardi
Cory Bernardi Vows To ‘Make New Holland Great Again’
Newly independent Senator Cory Bernardi has laid out his plans for his new party, telling a room of supporters that
scott morrison soul
Scott Morrison Brings Piece Of Soul Into Question Time
Treasurer Scott Morrison bought a blackened piece of his soul into question time yesterday, in a visual stunt designed to
putin illegal voting
Illegal Votes? Reports Mysterious Foreigner Voted 3 Million Times In US Election
Donald Trump’s repeated claim that millions of illegal votes were cast in the recent presidential election appear to be true,
oval office desk
Trump Watches Prostitutes Urinate On Oval Office, In Traditional Presidential Handover
In what has become an elegant and essential component of the presidential transition, new president Donald Trump oversaw the traditional ‘pissing on