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Study Tour Required To Confirm To What Extent Greek Islands Affected By GFC: Barnaby Joyce
Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce says he will undertake a long and careful analysis of the impact of the economic crisis
Sophie Mirabella satire
Attending Sophie Mirabella’s Wedding DEFINITELY Work, Experts Say
Experts from the Finance Department say Prime Minister Tony Abbott was right to claim flights to Sophie Mirabella’s wedding as
Americans Saved From First World Healthcare
The threat of a modern healthcare system may have been averted thanks to American ingenuity
kevin rudd satire
Annoying Nerdy Guy Still Hanging Around At House Party
A group of friends was tonight wondering how the hell they were going to get rid of that really annoying,
Malcolm Turnbull satire
Malcolm Turnbull To Be Sold To Fund Coalition Promises
Australia’s most popular politician, Malcolm Turnbull, will be auctioned off to help fund the Coalition’s spending and savings promises, it
Australian 2013 election satire
Coalition Costings To Be Presented In Picture-Book Format
Opposition Treasury Spokesman Joe Hockey will release the final details of the Coalition’s policy costings in a beautifully illustrated picture
Tony Abbott satire
Liberal Strategists Frantically Trying To Remember How To Stop Tony Abbott Talking
Senior figures in the Liberal Party are searching through old manuals and revisiting how-to guides, to help them remember how
The Daily Show
Daily Show Segment: Americans Shocked To Discover Existence of Entire Other Country
Americans were treated to some of the most outrageous, inane and downright scary highlights from Australia’s election campaign during a
One Nation satire
Islam’s Prime Minister Hits Back At One Nation
The Prime Minister of Islam has defended his country’s views and launched an attack of his own, in response to
tony abbott satire
Invisible Things Are Ridiculous, Says Man Who Lives His Life According To Invisible Thing
A Sydney man who believes an invisible spiritual being created the earth, impregnated a woman and devised intricate views on
Kevin Rudd satire
“This Guy Behind Me Is The Guy I Turn To When I Need A Second Opinion Or A Broader Perspective”
Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd introduced his chief policy advisor and most-trusted confidant to journalists today, during a press conference
457 visa
“Federal Labor Candidate” Added To 457 Visa Skills Shortage List
The list of jobs available to foreigners under the specialist 457 visa will be extended to include ‘Federal Labor Candidate’,
“Seriously, You Guys Talk Some Sh*t”: David Cameron Displeased With Level Of Discourse On British Phone Calls
The UK could halve its national debt and almost triple its productivity if Brits didn’t spend so much time talking
Putin Divorces Wife, Marries Himself
Just a week after announcing his divorce from wife Lyudmila, Russian President Vladimir Putin has married himself in a glamorous
America Has “The Best Mass Surveillance System Since East Germany”: Obama
As high-level talks between China and the US wound up in California on the weekend, US President Barack Obama stressed