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Joe Hockey budget
Joe Hockey Says Australians May Live Long Enough To See Him Pass His First Budget
Advances in science and medicine mean Australians may live to 150 – long enough to see the Government pass the
women carbon tax
How The Abolition Of The Carbon Tax Changed My Life: Australian Women Share Their Stories
It’s the Government’s biggest achievement for women this year. We asked a group of Australian women to share their own
budget papers
Struggling, Despondent Federal Budget To Receive Counselling From Nation’s $250 Million School Chaplaincy Program
Overwhelmed with incoming bills, and wondering how it will continue to support its extended family, Australia’s stressed-out budget today made
David Leyonhjelm
Gun Crime Would Be Lower If We Followed Example Of Nation With Highest Gun Crime, Says Senator Leyonhjelm
If Australia had more guns, we would have fewer shootings, just like they do in America, Liberal Democrat Senator David
tony abbott sexism
Tony Abbott Asks Housewives Of Australia To Help Him Iron Out Sexism Issues Within Government
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has labelled the criticisms of Peta Credlin coming from within his Government as sexist, and asked
pyne and palmer
Pyne To Use Giant Laxative To Un-Block Senate
Education Minister Christopher Pyne will slip an entire jar of Metamucil into the Senate coffee urn this morning, in order
victorian election
Victorians Dump Whatshisname, In Rousing Victory For That Other Guy
Victorians voters have sent an unequivocal message to the Liberal guy: ‘We want the other one’
tony abbott election
Abbott Denies Ever Appearing In 2013 Election Campaign
Tony Abbott did not take any part in the 2013 election campaign that led to him becoming Prime Minister, his
Tony Abbott coal
‘I Occasionally Eat Coal’ Admits Abbott
Prime Minister Tony Abbott conceded today that he enjoys eating coal from time to time, describing the popular fossil fuel
tony abbott
Tony Abbott Calls For Mature Three Word Slogan Debate About GST
It is time to have a grown up, sensible conversation about a Big New Tax, the Prime Minister said today
gough whitlam
Government To Commemorate Gough Whitlam By Making Tertiary Education Free-For-All
The Coalition Government today announced plans to honour the life of former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam with a range of
ebola bomb
We’ll Help Fight Ebola If You Let Us Bomb It, Government Says
The Australian Government has told the international community that it is happy to help the fight against Ebola, as long
Tony Abbott
Fax Machines Are Our Future, Says Abbott
Prime Minister Tony Abbott today opened a new fax machine factory in Melbourne’s west, saying the telecommunications devices were ‘friends
Nerf Gun Attack Foiled By Australia’s Federal Police
A large scale and well-planned attack in a suburban living room was shut down before it began today, after a
parliament house
People Caught Entering Parliament House With Their Agendas Hidden
A special investigation has revealed serious security breaches at Parliament House in Canberra, with evidence to suggest people have regularly