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cory bernardi asylum seekers
Allowing Syrian Refugees A “Slippery Slope” Toward Letting In Polygamous Animal Refugees: Bernardi
Coalition senator Cory Bernardi says that by allowing Syrian refugees entry into the country, Australia will be sending a message to
bill shorten gst
Labor Rules Out Bringing GST In Line With Bill Shorten’s 15% Approval Rating
The Labor Party will not raise the GST to 15% if elected
bill shorten honeymoon
Turnbull’s Popularity Just A 40-Country, Multi-Activity, Extended ‘Round-The-World Honeymoon, Labor Says
The Coalition’s bounce in the polls is nothing more than a honeymoon – one of those honeymoons you sometimes hear
pauline hanson terrorism
Woman Caught On Camera Making Racist Rant
Another racist tirade has been captured on camera, this time by a Channel 9 employee who happened to be in
oe hockey forgets to pass budget
Panicked Joe Hockey Realises He Forgot To Pass Budget
Former Treasurer Joe Hockey left Parliament House yesterday without remembering to pass the federal budget. 
united patriots front
United Patriot Front Members To Work Through Differences At End-Of-Year Spa Retreat
Members of anti-Islam group United Patriots front are confident they can sort out recent in-fighting issues at their annual end-of-season
Hockey and Abbott
Abbott And Hockey Put Finishing Touches To 2014 Federal Budget
Political heavyweights Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey had their heads in paperwork during question time today, making some final tweaks
turnbull 300 word slogan
Government Under Turnbull Reduced To 300-Word Slogans, Abbott Claims
Tony Abbott has attacked Malcolm Turnbull for leading a government that he claims amounts to nothing more than a series
joe hockey retires
Joe Hockey Retires To Spend More Time With The 2014 Federal Budget
Former Treasurer Joe Hockey announced his retirement from politics today, saying it was time to devote more time to his
minister for women
Australian Women Left Directionless After Minister For Women Loses Job
Australian’s women are desperate for guidance and uncertain of their future today, after the nation’s highest female representative, Tony Abbott,
tony abbott death cult
Desperate Abbott To Reintroduce, Then Re-Scrap Carbon Tax
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has told colleagues he is the best man to scrap the carbon tax, which he will
tony abbott new electorate
Government Starts Search For New Electorate
The Coalition will today start the painstaking search for a fresh electorate, after it became apparent the current one had
boom mic peter dutton
Dutton Calls On Boom Mic To Apologise For Picking Up His Pacific Island Joke
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says the boom mic that attended his press conference on Friday should “do the right thing”
tony abbott stop the boats
Australia’s GDP Growth Rate Rises To We’ve Stopped The Boats
Australia’s economy looks set to continue its strong growth, with key economic indicators showing no boats arrived in the last
border force
Border Force Concedes ‘Operation Fortitude’ Press Release Accidentally Sent From 1938
Australian Border Force commissioner Roman Quaedvlieg has conceded that the initial press release announcing Operation Fortitude was a “clumsily translated” statement accidentally sent