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scott morrison budget 2016
Scott Morrison Tells Australians: ‘We Need To Live Within Your Means’
Travelling business class to Canberra every week is fucking expensive, the Treasurer has reminded the nation
peter dutton asylum seeker
Asylum Seekers Told They Will Live With Peter Dutton, In Final Push To Deter Boats
If you come to Australia by boat, you will be forced to live in Peter Dutton’s spare bedroom. That’s the
australian senate
Australia To Re-elect Entire Parliament Because Building Thing
Australians will go the polls again in July this year – months earlier than normal – due to buildings or
helicopter turnbull
Australia Needs To Live Within Its Means, Turnbull Declares From Charter Helicopter
The Coalition is the party of economic responsibility, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull shouted to journalists above the roar of the rotor
tony abbott stop the boats
Abbott Confirms He’ll Directly Confront Putin About Money Laundering Allegations
The tricky question of who will confront Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin about an alleged $2 billion tax-avoidance scheme has
peta credlin sky news
Peta Credlin Has Joined Sky News. Here Is The Email She Sent To All Staff This Morning
Sky News confirmed today that Peta Credlin – former Chief of Staff to Tony Abbott – will join the network
new austarlian flag
Design For Proposed New Australian Flag Unveiled
A bold design for a new Australian flag was revealed today, as part of a renewed push to replace the
malcolm turnbull plebiscite
Plebiscite To Be Held To Determine Exact Date Of Next Election
Following a day of further uncertainty about when the next Federal election will be held, the Coalition has confirmed it will put
joe hockey pizza new york times
Hockey Pens Letter To New York Times Complaining About Lack Of Seating At Local Pizzerias
Former Treasurer, now US Ambassador Joe Hockey has written to the New York Times again, just days after his letter defending Australia’s
greens di natale wiggles
Greens Leader Refuses To Rule Out Doing Deal With Wiggles
Saying ‘anything is possible’, Greens leader Richard di Natale today refused to dismiss the possibility of doing a preference deal
Abbott thinks for himself
“I Think For Myself” Credlin Tells Abbott To Say
“I am my own man and I make my own decisions,” a set of talking points written by Peta Credlin
abbott and credlin
Abbott Says He’ll Need To Check With Credlin Before Confirming Or Denying Their Affair
Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he will be happy to confirm or deny rumours of a relationship with his
Kevin Rudd tony abbott
Abbott’s Undermining Of Turnbull Is ‘Amateur Hour’ Kevin Rudd Claims
Watching former Prime Minister Tony Abbott try to undermine the current Prime Minister is like watching a game of under 11s cricket,
cory bernardi UN
EDITORIAL: Who Is Going To Make Sure We Don’t Have Sex With Donkeys While Cory Bernardi Is On Secondment To The UN?
Today the Federal Government announced that it will send South Australian senator Cory Bernardi on a 3-month secondment to the
tony abbott longest serving prime minister
“I Was On Track To Be Australia’s Longest Serving Prime Minister” Abbott Says
Tony Abbott says he would have broken Robert Menzies’ Prime Ministerial record had it not been for an hysterical opposition,