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kelly o'dwyer satire
Kelly O’Dwyer Resigns, To Spend Less Time Working With Children
Liberal front bencher Kelly O’Dwyer will not contest the next election, citing the ‘very personal reasons’ of wanting to spend
Josh Frydenberg
Josh Frydenberg Announces Leadership Challenge, Citing ‘Need For Change’
Announcing plans for a leadership spill today, Deputy Prime Minister Josh Frydenberg said Scott Morrison has not delivered for Australia
Turnbull Lists NBN As His Proudest Achi
Recently departed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the installa
dutton turnbull challenge
Nation Just So Fucking Over This
This is getting ridiculous, it has been revealed
bill shorten 2018
Shorten Meets With Shadow Cabinet To Formulate This Week’s Tax Policy
Opposition leader Bill Shorten says he and his team will consider all available options before announcing the tax policy that
circus tent
Parliament To Be Held In Circus Tent For Remainder Of Year
The last parliamentary sitting weeks of 2017 will be held in a big top, it has been revealed
malcolm roberts dual citizen
Roberts To Appeal Citizenship Decision In A Higher Planetary Court  
A defiant Malcolm Roberts says he does not agree with the High Court’s decision to bar him from politics, vowing
anthony fisher
Archbishop Urges ‘No’ Vote: “It’s About Protecting Children. And We Know About Protecting Children”
The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Anthony Fisher, says if there’s one thing the Catholic Church can lecture others on, it’s
cayman islands
Turnbull Rushes To Verify Cayman Islands Citizenship Status
As more and more members of Parliament fall foul of section 44 of the constitution, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has
barnaby joyce NZ
Evidence Mounts Of New Zealand Interference In Australian Election
The kiwis might be f*cking with us, it has been revealed
Greens Senators To Come With Country Of Origin Labelling
Senators from the Australian Greens will be stamped with their country of origin from next week, to help them remember
Malcolm Roberts
Malcolm Roberts Admits He Has Dual Citizenship With The Planet Druzion
In a stunning new development, One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts has revealed he has dual citizenship with The Mystical Planet
Malcolm Turnbull power
Turnbull’s Self Approval Rating Steady At 100%
Polling released today shows that the Prime Minister’s opinion of himself hasn’t changed over the past month
margaret court
Margaret Court Yet To Respond To Controversy Because She’s Been On A Greyhound Bus For The Past 4 Days
Tennis great Margaret Court is unaware of the controversy surrounding her comments about same-sex marriage because she’s been cooped up
Pauline Hanson ABC
Pauline Hanson Surprised To Learn ASIO And Asia Not Same Thing
Pauline Hanson got all worked up by ASIO last week. But we think she may have just been getting our intelligence agency