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anti vaxxers
Anti-Vaxxers Relieved They’ll No Longer Have Dirty, Toxic Childcare Benefits Injected Into Their Bank Account
In a win for anti-vaccination campaigners, advocates will no longer be forced to expose their bank accounts to the potentially
Tony Abbott April Fools
Government Releases Fair, No-Surprise Budget In Hilarious April Fools Gag
Challenging claims he lacks a sense of humour, Prime Minister Tony Abbott today released an ‘updated’ budget that spreads spending
george brandis metadata
George Brandis Quietly Shitting Himself After Passing Metadata Legislation He Doesn’t Remotely Understand
Wearing a nervous smile and trying to conceal the sweat building under his glasses, Attorney General George Brandis was today
george brandis bookshelf
Taxpayers Forced To Fund Lifestyle Choice Of Small Group Of Australians
Australian taxpayers are footing the bill for services and privileges provided to a relatively small group of citizens living in
tony abbott diary
A Challenging Week: The Tony Abbott Diaries
It was a near-death experience for Tony Abbott this week. But how did the man himself see it unfold? We
arthur sinodinos
Arthur Sinodinos Says He ‘Can’t Recall’ Whether He Supports Abbott Or Not
Former Government Minister and Howard advisor Arthur Sinodinos says the Prime Minister may or may not have his backing, but
campbell newman
Campbell Newman’s Defamation Lawsuit Accidentally Written On Acland Mine Letterhead

The 35-page defamation suit brought by Queensland Premier Campbell Newman against radio shock-jock Alan Jones was mistakenly printed on New
women carbon tax
How The Abolition Of The Carbon Tax Changed My Life: Australian Women Share Their Stories
It’s the Government’s biggest achievement for women this year. We asked a group of Australian women to share their own
bill shorten
Parents Weighing Up What Age To Tell Children That Bill Shorten Doesn’t Exist
Parents around Australia are wondering how long they should let their kids keep believing Australia has an Opposition Leader
Tony abbott computer
Abbott Switches Government Off And On Again
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has switched off the government at the wall, waited ten seconds, and then switched it on
Mathias Cormann
8% Cut In Coalition’s Primary Vote Actually An ‘Efficiency Dividend’ Government Says
The support for the Government has not fallen since the 2013 Federal Election, Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has confirmed
Tony Abbott
Fax Machines Are Our Future, Says Abbott
Prime Minister Tony Abbott today opened a new fax machine factory in Melbourne’s west, saying the telecommunications devices were ‘friends
parliament house
People Caught Entering Parliament House With Their Agendas Hidden
A special investigation has revealed serious security breaches at Parliament House in Canberra, with evidence to suggest people have regularly
Government’s Budget Problems To Be Covered With Giant Burqa
The GP co-payment, changes to welfare, and a range of other unpopular budget measures will be concealed beneath a fully-enclosed
ASIO To Watch While You Have Sex
An ASIO agent will be discreetly stationed behind a curtain when you have sex tonight, Attorney-General George Brandis revealed today