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oe hockey forgets to pass budget
Panicked Joe Hockey Realises He Forgot To Pass Budget
Former Treasurer Joe Hockey left Parliament House yesterday without remembering to pass the federal budget. 
united patriots front
United Patriot Front Members To Work Through Differences At End-Of-Year Spa Retreat
Members of anti-Islam group United Patriots front are confident they can sort out recent in-fighting issues at their annual end-of-season
Carmichael Mine To Be Carved In Shape Of Greg Hunt’s Missing Balls
Australia’s largest coal mine will be tastefully shaped to resemble the Environment Minister’s testicles, which have been missing since
brandis meta data interview
Brandis Defends Data Laws: “Only Those Using Information Super Highway Affected”
WATCH: In an interview today Attorney General George Brandis restated earlier assurances that the websites a user visited would not
development on mars
Exciting New Waterfront Development Planned For Mars
Mars’s waterfront will be transformed into a world-class lifestyle, cultural, retail and commercial precinct
dog best day ever
Today Best Day Ever Since Yesterday, Dog Confirms
Today is the most amazing day in the world ever, local dog Rufus has reported. It comes after yesterday and
scott morrison treasurer satire
Scott Morrison To Turn Back Any Bad Economic News Found Trying To Enter Australia
Any unwanted economic indicators trying to reach Australian shores will be locked up on a small island and never spoken
david cameron
Disgusting Oxford University Initiation Ritual Required Members To Join The Conservative Party
Details are emerging of a revolting rite of passage ceremony at an elite university that required young men to put their
dubai refugees
Dubai To Build World’s Largest Fuck You To Refugees
The rich gulf city of Dubai is once again set to dazzle the world, this time with a giant 880
Newly Capitalist China Still Learning How To Do Stock Market Crashes Properly
Conceding it was a good first attempt, the West today said China sill has a long way to go to
Most Australians Now Contestants On A Cooking Show
The majority of Australians spend their evenings competing on a televised cooking program, new figures have revealed
bronwyn bishop helicopter
Charter Helicopter Industry Facing Collapse
A number of Australia’s private helicopter charters have been placed in voluntary administration, following Speaker Bronwyn Bishop’s resignation yesterday
labor conference
Labor Meet To Discuss New Ways To Remain Irrelevant
Labor delegates will meet in Melbourne this weekend, with the party divided on the best ways to alienate their supporter
malcolm turnbull helicopter
Turnbull Says It’s Absurd To Charter A Chopper From Melbourne To Geelong: “Why Not Just Use Your Own?”
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has refused to back under-fire Speaker Bronwyn Bishop, saying he cannot understand why she chose to
food on board
Food On Wooden Board Same As Food On Plate
Food served on a polished chopping board is identical to food supplied on a plate, it has been revealed