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wine police
New Wine Police Unit Announced For Sydney
NSW Premier Mike Baird has announced the formation of special taskforce to crack down on the growing number of wines
clive palmer queensland nickel
Sacked Queensland Nickel Workers Offered Complimentary PUP Memberships
TOWNSVILLE: All is not lost for the former employees of Clive Palmer’s Queensland Nickel, with the announcement today that each
The Shovel Academy: How To Make A Public Apology
We all make mistakes from time to time. Racially abuse someone on national television, get taxpayer money confused with personal
dog food
Dog Descended From Wild Animals May Die If Not Fed $80-A-Bag Food
A small dog whose ancestors survived for thousands of years on scraps and raw meat can only stomach a scientifically-developed
Netflix To Stop Your Annoying Nerd Friend From Explaining His VPN Setup
US streaming giant Netflix is set to crack down on people who insist on banging on about DNS-based workarounds and
BREAKING: Oregon Militia Shot Dead After White Face Paint Fades
  The gang of black and Middle-Eastern terrorists who stormed and seized a wildlife refuge in the US have been
prince george nursery
Prince George Spends First Day At Childcare Building Massive Duplo Castle
Two year-old Prince George has spent his first day at Westacre Montessori Nursery constructing a palatial multi-story castle from plastic blocks
mary and joseph
Disorganised Mary And Joseph To Just Get Last Minute Stable On Air BnB
Conceding he shouldn’t have left booking a hotel to the very last minute – especially over the busy Christmas period
Fears U.S. May Run Out Of Scapegoats If Trump’s Muslim Ban Enacted
Moderate Republicans have recoiled at frontrunner Donald Trump’s plan to ban all Muslims from entering America, saying it could cripple
Obama Infuriates Putin By Pardoning Turkey For Thanksgiving
US-Russia tensions are high after President Obama used the traditional Thanksgiving turkey pardoning ceremony to let Turkey off the hook
self checkout machines
Supermarket Looking To Hire Casual Self Checkout Machines For Busy Christmas Period
A local supermarket has put the call out for self checkout machines that are available to work Friday nights and
US Republican Candidates Divided Over Which Letter To Engrave Muslims With
The candidates running for the Republican Presidential nomination are bitterly split over the best way to brand local Muslims, with
prince charles australia
Landlord Arrives To Do Inspection
Australians were madly rushing to clear up empty beer bottles and stray bongs this morning after the landlord announced a last-minute
sausage cancer
Vaping Sausages May Be Safer, Word Health Organisation Says
Electronic sausages and bacon may assist in the process of quitting, the World Health Organisation said today. 
joe hockey middy
Hockey’s New Salary To Cost Australians $450,000. Or Just 150,000 Middies.
Departing member for North Sydney Joe Hockey has played down the potential cost to taxpayers of his annual parliamentary pension