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Short course for online bigots
Short Course For Online Bigots
five dollar note Australia
Embarassing! Reserve Bank Accidently Puts Non-Australian On New $5 Note
In an embarrassing blunder, the RBA today released a new Australian $5 note featuring a woman who has never actually
panama papers
Paradise Papers: New Investigation Uncovers List Of Schmucks Still Paying Tax
Journalists sifting through thousands of documents from the leaked Paradise Papers have uncovered a list of dumb idiots still paying
curating same as choosing
‘Curating’ Same As ‘Choosing’, Wankers Told
A person who curates fashion, music, food or travel experiences is actually just choosing things, it has been confirmed
Google Accidently Pays Tax In April Fool’s Day Gag Gone Wrong
Search giant Google – known for its elaborate April Fool’s day pranks – was in damage control after it accidentally
Trump Vows To Stop Birds Migrating To America This Summer
Donald Trump says he will put an end to the ‘unsustainable’ mass migration of birds to the US for the
The Shove's week in 60 seconds
The Week in 60 Seconds
Here’s what happened this week
Sharapova drugs
Sharapova Forced To Hand Back Her Australian Open Loss
Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova has been ordered to relinquish her quarter final Australian Open failure, following a positive drug
curvy barbie
Bought A New Curvy Barbie? Here’s a 12-Week Program To Get Her Back In Shape
Just days after Mattel’s new ‘curvier’ Barbie doll hit the shelves in Australia, fitness celebrity Michelle Bridges has launched a new 12
This Morning’s Coffee To Sell For Between $1 and $1.20 Barista Tells Real Estate Agent
A small flat white is expected to fetch north of $1, a real estate agent was told at his local
The Shovel Academy: How To Front A Royal Commission Or Government Enquiry
Perhaps your organisation has been busted hacking a schoolgirl’s phone. Or maybe you lived and worked with dozens of child
leonardo dicaprio oscars horse
Leonardo DiCaprio Arrives At Oscars Inside Horse Carcass, In Desperate Last Attempt To Impress Judges
Saying he didn’t want to leave anything to chance this time, actor Leonardo DiCaprio made a stunning red carpet entrance
vegan energy
Being Vegan Provides Extra Energy Required To Constantly Talk About Being Vegan, Study Shows
Cutting all animal products from your diet could provide the additional energy you need to relentlessly tell your friends and
Articles With Images Of Breasts Designed Just To Get Clicks, Experts Say
for lease kings cross
Cool New Little ‘For Lease’ Signs Popping Up All Over Kings Cross
Sydney’s entertainment precinct King’s Cross is undergoing a revival, with a wave of hip new ‘For Lease’ and ‘Closed’ signs setting up in