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Brangelina Divorce: “Brad Only Ever Brought Two Letters To This Relationship”, Angelina Says
Angelina Jolie has told journalists that her partnership with Brad Pitt was one-sided, unbalanced, and unfair, with Pitt only contributing
tim cook launch
Apple Launches New, Beautifully-Designed Tax Avoidance Program
Apple has once again raised the bar, with today’s launch of a stunning new global tax-avoidance system
george brandis diary
“I Can’t Find The Key To My Diary” George Brandis Claims
Labor’s hopes that it will finally be able to read the contents of Senator George Brandis’s diary have been dashed, after Mr
pokemon go running low
World Running Out Of Pokémon, Environmentalists Warn
The world is down to its final few hundred Pokémon, environmentalists have revealed
family stickers
Delighted Couple Announce They’re Expecting New Addition To Family Sticker Set
Saying they were ‘over the moon’ about the news, Jenny and Mike Taylor today announced to close friends and family
mike baird socks
BREAKING: Mike Baird Bans Socks
Socks will no longer be able to be worn in Sydney after 10pm, following a new law introduced by Premier
michael phelps released into wild
Phelps Released Back Into Ocean
Saying he was ‘ready to go home’, a group of trainers today released Michael Phelps back into the wild today
census bethlehem
ABS Considers Reverting To Traditional Method Of Holding Census In Bethlehem
Australians would be asked to travel to the Palestinian city of Bethlehem under a new simpler census mechanism currently being considered
census facebook
New ‘Login With Facebook’ Feature Allows Australians To Complete Census With Just 1 Click
In an effort to overcome a growing resistance to fill out tonight’s census, the ABS has announced a last-minute feature
Stunning! Opening Ceremony Ends With Spectacular Outbreak Of Zika Virus
Spectators called it ‘awe-inspiring’, athletes described it as ‘infectious’. The thirty-first Olympic Games opening ceremony ended in spectacular fashion with
hipster bigot
Hipster Bigot Hates Minorities You Haven’t Even Heard Of Yet
A local bigot hipster says he insults minority groups that haven’t even been covered by alternative media outlets, let alone
harry potter
JK Rowling Releases New Book ‘Harry Potter And The Brand New Wing On My House’
The latest instalment in the Harry Potter series, released this week, addresses previously unanswered questions from the series such as,
pokemon go data
Pokémon Go Draws To Close After Final Little Piece Of Customer Data Captured
Describing it as a ‘wonderful, exciting adventure’, Pokémon Go creator Niantic has announced that the game will now come to
Pokemon Go
Gaming News: Pokémon Go Players Still Adjusting To Amount Of Light Outside
A week after tentatively opening the front door and venturing outside, Pokémon Go players were today still squinting as their
boris johnson
Independent Britain To Open Up All Sorts Of New Opportunities For People Aspiring To Be Prime Minister: Boris Johnson
‘Leave’ campaign leader Boris Johnson says the decision to leave the EU marks a new dawn for people who had always