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queen elizabeth 2
Australian Head Of State Forced To Resign After British Citizenship Revealed
The most senior figure in the Australian governmental system has been forced to stand aside after it was found she
Phones Work With Speakerphone Off, Wankers Told
Mobile telephone devices come with a built-in speaker that you can hear when placed to your ear, it has been
Thermomix: “Users Burnt. But Perfectly Seasoned” Company Claims
The Australian distributor of the high-end cooking appliance Thermomix says the allegation that many users have been badly burnt is
fox news biased
Fox News Drops ‘Fair And Balanced’ Slogan, Finally Freeing It Up To Deliver Biased Content
America’s Fox News has announced it will no longer use its famous ‘Fair and Balanced’ slogan, opening the way for
pixel face
Criminal Activity Higher Among Those Born With Pixelated Faces, Study Finds
Children born with pixelated faces are up to seven times more likely to rob a bank or be part of
wonder woman
“Isn’t It About Time We Had A ‘Wonder Man’ Movie?” Men Demand
Following the success of the new Wonder Woman movie, male moviegoers are asking how long it will be before there’s a
media frenzy
Schapelle Corby Confronted By Appalling Media Frenzy, Media Frenzy Reports
Hundreds of journalists and photographers have described the scene of hundreds of journalists and photographers trying to get a glimpse
avocado home millenial
This Millenial Turned An Avocado Into A One-Bedroom Apartment And Now Has A Mortgage Of Just $18
Meet Daniel Jacobson, the 25 year-old engineering graduate who turned a plate of smashed avocado on toast into a cosy
prince philip
Prince Philip To Retire From Whatever It Is He Does
Prince Philip will no longer do all those things, Buckingham Palace has confirmed
frozen 2
New “Frozen 2” Movie Only Developed To Stop Children Singing ‘Let It Go’, Disney Admits
Disney Pictures has announced it will introduce a new movie – ‘Frozen 2’ – in a desperate attempt to stop
bullshit diet
“She Quit Her Job, Now This #GirlBoss Makes $23 a Fortnight”
“If you can’t eat it, don’t wear it”. That’s the motto of plucky local woman Joyce Chambers, who gave up
hot cross buns
Hot Cross Buns In Supermarkets Already
Hot Cross Buns have begun to appear on supermarket shelves, it has been revealed
united drag on drag off
United Launches New Drag-On/Drag-Off Seating
US airline giant United launched an innovative new seating class today, which will see customers dragged to and from their
michaelia cash
Michaelia Cash Insists Low Income Workers ARE Often Found In High Income Households. “Take My Cleaning Staff”
Coalition Senator Michaelia Cash has hit back at claims she can’t name any low income workers in high income households,
ed sheeran
EU Agrees To Brexit Terms, On Proviso Future Ed Sheeran Albums Never Enter Europe
The European Union will allow Britain to leave Europe and keep all the benefits of the common market, provided they never have to