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australia said yes
God Forgets To Send Plague To Destroy Australia
The Almighty Father slept in this morning, missing the opportunity to punish Australia for allowing two people of the same
kevin andrews
Kevin Andrews Announces Plans To Whip Himself Every Time A Gay Couple Gets Married
Liberal MP Kevin Andrews says he will begin a ritual of self flagellation to atone for the sins of gay
Innovative New Shopping Service Allows Customers To Send Christmas Gifts Directly To Landfill
An online department store says it is ‘cutting out the middle man’ by allowing customers to send everything from toys
house of cards
House Of Cards Sacks President Over Sexual Assault Claims, In Wild Diversion From Reality
After being lauded for its brutally realistic portrayal of American politics for five seasons, House of Cards has decided to
Trump toddler
Trump Named Time Magazine’s ‘Toddler of the Year’
Donald Trump has been named the most influential little boy in the world
salvator muni
Famed Spanish Restorer Called In To Fix $450 Million ‘Salvator Mundi’
Selling for a world-record $450 million at auction last night, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi ‘still needed some work’, according
Same Sex Marriage Opponents Now Enjoying Last Few Moments Before Their Lives Are Dramatically Unchanged
Those opposed to same sex marriage say it is now only a matter of time before two people they’ve never
Canberra roundabout
Lonely Planet Releases Tantalising List Of Top 10 Roundabouts To Visit In Canberra
After announcing Canberra as the third best city to visit in the world in 2018, Lonely Planet has given travellers
royal family benefit cheats
Family Reliant On Government Hand-outs To Have Third Child
In a decision that many are labelling irresponsible, a Kensington couple who only two years ago had their second child,
Outrage! North Korea Drops Nuclear Test Just DAYS After Taylor’s Single
In a twist no one saw coming, North Korea has thrown serious shade at T-Swift by releasing their nuclear test
Smoking e-Cigarettes Significantly Lowers Risk Of Looking Cool, Report Finds
Vaping decreases the risk of contracting cancer and fitting in socially, a report has found
Trump SS 4
Trump Restless As North Korea Briefing Ambles Past 30 Second Mark
Tapping his fingers on the table and looking impatiently around the room, US President Donald Trump asked if things could
phone ringtone
Direct Correlation Between Shitness Of Ringtone And Time Taken To Find Phone In Handbag, Research Confirms
The more infantile a person’s ringtone, the longer it will take them to realise the phone is theirs, search through
coffee addiction
“I Can’t Function In The Morning Without Telling People How Dependent I Am On Coffee”
Melbourne woman Lucy Bailey literally can’t get going in the morning until her third, or sometimes even fourth, conversation about coffee
dr who
First Episode Of New Dr Who Just Men Explaining Concept Of Time Travel To Jodie Whittaker
Acknowledging that the show’s new female lead will probably not be familiar with the ins and outs of physics, producers